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Why Glass Shower Enclosures Should Be In Every Modern House

The tradition of bathroom suites was simply demarcated areas for the toilet and the shower area and a bit of space in-between for the vanity, the mirror, and the sink and storage cabinets. Designers today however are coming up with more versatile refreshing and modern ideas, giving good looks for the bathroom. One of them is moving away from the common shower curtain and even the shower door to specifically a glass shower door.

Glass seems like a dangerous thing to have in a bathroom, what with the risk of it breaking and one slipping on the surface. Shower enclosures are the opposite of that. The glass used to make the door is not your usual glass but it is manufactured specifically to support its functions. The glass is sturdy allowing it to be hinged and create a door. The edges are smooth for the frameless doors and the framed doors have steel frames to increase durability.

The benefits of glass doors for your shower are many, beginning with the minimal amount of space they take up. The design allows the shower area to be accommodated even in the smallest of spaces without making you feel confined to a small area. The glass allows you to see the rest of the suite giving you the illusion that the enclosure is bigger than it really is.

The door helps you to keep a clean and dry bathroom. The wetness that would otherwise spread to the rest of the bathroom is contained to a small area giving you less to clean up once done with taking a shower.

Given the popularity of the glass door idea, manufacturers and designers alike are out doing themselves in coming up with new designs. The glass door unlike other doors therefore allows you to have various shapes for your enclosure away from the common rectangular. Choose from circular designs placed in the middle of the room, corner designs that take up minimal space or the large sphere shaped. You can also opt to have a sunroof installed giving you the illusion of being in the outdoors or showering in the rain.

A great advantage that cannot go without mention is the ease in cleaning and maintenance. Glass does not build up grime and does not have spaces where dirt can be stuck in between. Cleaning comes first with warm soapy water and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

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